Stamped Concrete Sealing Problems

Stamped Concrete Sealing Issues

Mostly all stamped concrete appearance issues result from either substandard cleaning or the use of substandard or wrong type of sealers. Also an inexperience applicator or application sealing methods, can be problematic.


Substandard Sealer Issues

Majority of over the counter sealers are purchase by homeowners and contractors, without a real understanding of the sealer and what is in it. Majority of cheaper sealers have plastics in the sealer, which under the sun’s UV rays, eventually turns yellow and the plastics obscure the acrylics, creating a dull appearance. This results in customers going and buy more sealer or calling the contractor who sealed it initially, in an attempt to rejuvenate the shine that existed on day one. And so begins the “problem in the making.” Sealer is applied on top of sealer, with more the following year and so on. More plastics to get cooked by the sun UV rays, so it become even more yellow. Too much sealer!

Stamped Concrete Application Issues

Wrong Type of Sealer Issues