Stamped Concrete Pool Deck Sealing

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck Sealing Contractors

Stamped concrete pool decks look great and serve as an awesome ” backyard center piece, ” for entertaining of neighbors,  friends and family when maintained properly and a quality sealing product and  sound application process are utilized by an experienced sealing applicator. Stamped concrete pool decks have become quite common over the last 2o years in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Cleaning a pool deck – see below.

Stamped Concrete Cleaning of a Pool Deck

Stamped Concrete, exposed concrete and conventional concrete all need to be cleaned properly before any sealing of the concrete is attempted. Some examples of contaminants the can interfere with the sealing bond are tree sap, grease, paint, fertilizer, mulch and any other type of chemical residue quite common around swimming pool decks. Treating where applicable, will be done, if a previous stamped concrete sealer was applied and indicative the there may be some compatibility issue with the new sealing application. A determination needs to be made that the sealers are most likely compatible.

Stamped Concrete Sealing of a Pool Deck

Sealing of a stamped concrete pool deck is necessary to protect the surface from being exposed to the elements, resulting in the surface and color integrity becoming compromised. Top down water penetration will cause wear and tear on your pool decks stamped concrete surface, if the surface is left unprotected. The stamped concrete sealing process as well as the sealer application thickness are also relevant, to ensure there is no future sealer delamination. (Delamination is a mode of failure for most bonding and sealing materials when not done properly)

Resealing a Stamped Concrete Pool Deck in the Future

Resealing a stamped concrete pool deck is necessary when it is evident that there is no remaining stamped concrete sealer. At that point, is is still necessary to ensure the pool deck area to be sealed is cleaned properly and treating as needed, then a quality stamped concrete sealer can be applied at the proper thickness.

Rejuvenate Existing Sealer on your Pool Deck

If stamped concrete sealer still exists after a few years, but the shine is dull, we utilize a material with a chemical linking formula to refresh the components in the pool deck sealer. Placing even compatible sealer over existing sealer is problematic in most cases. Doing so can create serious pool deck appearance issues and cost thousands to rectify.

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