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Stamped Concrete Sealing Maintenance

All stamped concrete and expose aggregate driveways, pool decks, patios and driveways all require proper cleaning, Treating, (if applicable) and sealing maintenance and restoration every two to three years sometimes longer. Regardless of what you may of heard, stamped concrete is not required to be sealed every year. See what the variables are that impact the sealing maintenance frequency. Learn more…….

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Sealing Maintenance

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Photos – Driveways – Pool Decks – Patios

Exposed Aggregate is a beautiful work of art and backyard centerpiece. However, over time without proper cleaning and sealing maintenance the surface integrity will become compromised. This results in the appearance of a few loose individual stones. You’ll find them in the pool, sticking to your feet and worst of all, the lawn. only to be picked up and propelled by a lawn mower, resulting in broken windows, injuries to people and pets. Proper sealing maintenance will minimize the top down water penetration, which is a problem over the New England Winter freeze and thaw cycle. Eventually the stones or aggregate will become loose, resulting in a shabby looking appearance, injuries and damage to guests, families and pets. Learn more…..


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