Stamped Concrete Sealing Pros

Bristol County Sealing Company is the preferred stamped and exposed aggregate concrete sealing and maintenance – restoration company. Providing services to customers in Southeastern New England,  serving the following counties: Worcester, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Barnstable and Bristol Counties in Massachusetts and all of Rhode Island.

We truly believe ” Knowledge is Power!” By providing our past, present, and future customers with the knowledge necessary to make informed, wise and intelligent decisions, we believe they will make the right choice in finding someone to provide proper sealing and maintenance of their stamped concrete or exposed aggregate concrete.

Customers that possess the necessary knowledge will be able to avoid a contractor that can be a part of a “problem in the making”, that will eventually result in a significant customer expense “down the road”.  

 Stamped Concrete – Exposed Aggregate Sealing Contractors in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Stamped Concrete Customer Questions

Many customers who find us online after utilizing someone else, usually say, ” where were you guys when I needed you?”

Here are some of the questions we hear from prospective customers upon their initial contact with us:

  1. We used the guy who installed our stamped concrete pool deck and he recommended we reseal it ever year. So we called him the following year, for two consecutive years. He would send someone over and reseal our stamped concrete pool patio deck. After two weeks, it looks the same and has yellowed over the last few years and he blames the sealer. Why is he not calling us back?

  2. We need someone to come out and look at and seal our stamped concrete  pool deck (patio, walkway or driveway) it just doesn’t look right, the top is crumbling and/or the color is all fading. Can you help us?

  3. We utilized the same guys for the last few times to seal our pool deck (sometimes 3 times in two years) and we called him because our deck is yellow, and he is not returning our call! So we searched and found you. 

  4. We found your stamped concrete sealing company online this year and can’t believe the reviews you have, we have stamped concrete sealer problems with our pool deck or driveway, can we get a free estimate?

  5. My pool stamped concrete is all yellow? We need to remove the sealer, do you do that? Is it expensive?

  6. My stamped concrete is all white, the guy who resealed it last year said, it would go away. But it hasn’t and still looks terrible. Can you come take a look?