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Properly Cleaning your Stamped Concrete or Exposed Aggregate Concrete!

Properly Cleaning your Stamped or Exposed Aggregate Concrete is crucial before Sealing your stamped or exposed aggregate concrete. By not cleaning or improperly cleaning the concrete surface, from mold, tree sap, pollen and grease, increase the likeliness of sealer de-lamintion. We see uncleaned areas that have been sealed over often!

Stamped and Exposed Aggregate Concrete Sealing with a Quality Concrete Sealer of the right type!

Don’t assume a Quality Stamped or Exposed Aggregate Sealer will be utilized on your stamped or exposed aggregate concrete pool deck, patio or driveway project. It can cost you thousands to remove concrete sealer and restore! In many cases, once the cheap or wrong type of sealing is done, removal may not be an option, based on the color that was used upon installation.

Be Careful on Who You Decide to Trust with your Concrete Investment!

Majority of Contractors are not aware of the different types of sealers. They also are not in the sealing and restoration of stamped or exposed aggregate. Additionally, the are many shortcuts and substandard practices that eventually Cost Customers Thousands, resulting from Customer Choices and Contractor Practices.

Some of Our Cleaning and Sealing Projects

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